Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Developed for demanding applications
Very high resistance to friction, solvents and detergents
Specially dedicated to synthetic labels
Require high printing temperature

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Resin thermal transfer ribbons are the most resistant ribbons: they resist rubbing, scratching, UV exposure, weather, chemicals, alcoholic products and heat.

Resin thermal transfer ribbons are mainly dedicated to printing on synthetic labels (“plastic”): PE, PP, PET or PVC.

Busitel offers a full range of RESIN thermal transfer ribbons to suit all applications:

Premium resin for applications requiring very good resistance to many standard chemicals, heat, cold and scratching.

High Performance Resin: resin thermal transfer ribbons for very high resistance to aggressive chemicals (toluene, xylene, skydrol, acetone, etc.) and high heat (up to 300 ° C).

Extreme Resin: Coupled with specific label materials, Extreme Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide ultra-durable prints, even under the most severe conditions.