Textile labels

Busitel has developed an expertise to offer you a range of technical textile labels to meet both standard and demanding applications.

Our range covers all types of substrates: nylon / polyamide, polyester, satin and tyvek.

Our range of technical textile labels is dedicated to the sectors of activity having high requirements: professional clothing, automotive industry, …

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Our range of technical textile supports:

Antistatic Nylon: We offer a very high quality nylon, offering a 100% antistatic treatment for high speed industrial use.

Inkjet compatible nylon: Nylon with a special treatment for use in digital inkjet printers. Our nylon makes it possible to obtain a dense and brilliant print quality while guaranteeing a very fast drying (no retransfer during the rewinding) and a perfect resistance of the printing.

Anti Fray Satin: Special satin to avoid fraying when cutting to ensure a perfect rendering.

Self-adhesive nylon: Ideal for textile applications without washing requirements (hat, shoes, carpets, furniture, leather goods, …).

Thermo-adhesive nylon: Nylon dedicated to textile applications requiring a perfect resistance to washing (industrial clothing, laundry, …)

Fire retardant Nylon and Polyester: textile labels dedicated to the most demanding applications, where safety is essential (automotive, aviation, military, …).

Die Resistant polyester: double-sided polyester designed to resist stonewash and dye applications without plastic film protection.