ITW ShineMark is a worldwide manufacturer offering a wide range of TTR for flat head printer that cover one of the worlds most renowed premium waxes B220 right through to specialist B324 Durable resin for harsh environments. As well as a growing range of TTR for near edge applications that are driven by the fast growing coding market. 

ITW ribbons come with  PrintheadSaver® technology, providing advanced features such as an anti-static coating and high sensitivity inks that enable you to maintain and sustain the life of your printheads, use less energy and print at faster speeds.

Each industry and every application has unique requirements for thermal transfer printing, and that the ribbon needs to have certain functionality and durability characteristics for that market sector. ITW Thermal Films has the right Flexible, Durable and Extreme thermal transfer ribbon for your application with distinctive needs of each market served.

BUSITEL established a partnership with ITW ShineMark for converting and distributing the full ribbon range across France and Europe.

This partnership allows you to develop your business enjoying the best of both worlds: ITW Shinemark's expertise and quality coupled with BUSITEL's flexibility, proximity and technical knowledge.

itw thermal transfer ribbon
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